Tips for Choosing the Right Freight Forwarder

Sep 14, 2021

A freight forwarding company connects services to streamline the transportation of goods around the world. Because there are so many important processes and moving parts involved, it’s important that businesses choose the best freight forwarder to meet their cargo transportation needs. We’ve compiled the top factors you need to consider before choosing your long-term freight forwarding provider.

Quality of Customer Service 

When you’re trusting another organization to handle the shipment of your goods, you’ll want them to be as invested in your company as you are. While some freight forwarding companies have large global networks, they may not have the capacity to provide personalized shipment solutions. With increased labour shortages due to COVID-19, you’ll also need a provider that will inform you of any delays within the supply chain and how it will impact the status of your shipments.

Solid Global Networks 

On the other hand, while some smaller freight forwarders provide excellent customer service, they may not have the resources to handle your transportation needs. Whether you’re shipping goods by air or ocean, you’ll want to ensure that your freight forwarder has the right connections within their network to move your goods to and from ports across the globe.


Like any other service, you’ll want to ensure that your freight forwarder is transparent about their pricing, what they’re able to deliver, and any risks or obstacles that may occur when shipping your goods internationally. You should have visibility in the routes your forwarder is using, where the costs are going, and you should be able to easily track your shipments.

Specialized Services 

Do you require specialized services tailored to your needs such as warehousing, distribution, or delivery? Do you have goods that are less than a full container load (LCL) and need a cost-effective solution for transporting them? Alternatively, do you have bulk orders that require charter operations?

If your organization requires more than the standard air or ocean freight transportation, it’s important to communicate this when researching freight forwarders as not all will offer tailored solutions.

The Bottom Line 

When assessing if a freight forwarder is right for you, it’s important to evaluate the quality of their customer service, confirm if their network is large enough to handle your transportation needs, highlight transparency as a priority, and inquire as to whether or not they provide specialized services for their clients.

At Transmodal, we take a hands-on and personal approach with our clients. When requesting a quote, we’ll discuss your options with you one-on-one to ensure your shipping needs are met. Whether you’re shipping goods by air or ocean, we’ll provide a transportation solution that is cost and time-effective. And, if you don’t require full container loads, we can offer our consolidation services to meet your unique needs.

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