Freight Consolidation Services from India to New York and the USA East Coast

Move your partial shipments from India to New York and the USA East Coast with Transmodal Group’s ocean freight consolidation services.

LCL Freight Consolidation

If your organization needs to ship goods from India to New York and the USA’s East Coast but your inventory is less than a full container load (LCL), Transmodal has the solution for you.

Our consolidation service is a strategic solution that allows clients to ship their LCL without paying for the space of a full container load. Our consolidation services combine multiple LCL shipments from various organizations to fill a full container load. We work with our vast network of steamship lines in the Port of Mumbai and Port of New York for the most effective ocean consolidation solutions. Once the shipments arrive on the East Coast, your inventory will be deconsolidated into their original LCL shipment and prepared for distribution.

Our consolidation services are ideal for organizations within the following industries:

  • Time sensitivity
  • Temperature control
  • Perishable goods
  • Shipment size
  • Hazardous materials
Transmodal Group is a worldwide, fully bonded non-vessel operating common carrier and a Federal Maritime Commission accredited and licensed organization that offers full-service solutions for ocean freight, air freight, door delivery, cross-border trucking, door delivery, and distribution.

Why Ship With Transmodal?

Our unique structure and access to resources allows us to provide clients with traditional freight services with an added emphasis on customer service.

Quality Control

All types of shipments, from perishable items requiring temperature-controlled containers to hazardous materials, will be delivered safely.

Recurring Shipments

No shipment is too small for us. If your organization requires frequent international shipments that fit into standard shipping.

Global Network

Transmodal has contracts with airlines around the globe to ensure your cargo is handled smoothly from reception to delivery. View Our Network.

We Do Freight Shipping To Or From These Areas

Our host of essential freight services ensure the seamless flow of goods from origin to destination on all of the world’s international trade lanes.
Importing And Exporting From United States
Cargo is received and distributed in major cities such as Portland, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach, Miami, Huston, New York, Baltimore, and Charleston. Transmodal ensures space on a private rail line to transport your shipments to a distribution center.

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Importing And Exporting From Canada

When shipping to or from Canada, your cargo will be received by a port in Halifax, Montreal, Prince Rupert, or Vancouver. From there, your shipments will be handled with care by CN or CP rail.

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Importing And Exporting Globally
Transmodal has air and ocean trade lanes in the Indian subcontinent, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Brazil so that your business can distribute goods around the globe.

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Our Clients Trust Us With Their Freight

Raj Bhambri

"Dependable, resourceful, accessible and competitive. In this age of vulnerability of supply chain management, an important ally."

Henry Kochhar

"Very reliable and trusted partner of over 10+ years. Competitive rates and smooth deliveries allow us to focus on what really matters in our business and less on freight"

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